Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Real View - A Forum for Women's Financial Independence

Having lunch with my friends who also happen to be business associates, we were discussing the changes that happen in women's lives when an unexpected shift happens.  I never expected it to happen to me but it did when my spouse passed away.  Suddenly life as I knew it changed and now I had some major decisions to make about my future.  Through the course of my personal experience, I have come to know many women who have experienced the same life altering changes albeit some due to divorce or circumstances such as mine.  I was now completely responsible for my own financial well being and independence, but how to choose which direction and how do I get there was the dilemma I faced.  Truly overwhelming!  I needed help to make some difficult choices, where do I turn?  It became evident that I had help available with the women friends and business associates who had the expertise to guide me through the process.  This journey made it evident that there was other women in my same situation who needed assurance and help to make sound decisions for their future.  I retained the help of my mortgage broker, my financial planner, my professional organizer, my lawyer, and my home stager.  These women were available to help me sort through the years of collecting stuff, refinancing my mortgage, deal with all the legalities and securing my financial picture all for the purpose of getting my house ready to sell and move on to my new life.  As my house is not yet up for sale but will be in the near future, I will retain guidance from my home stager to make my home appeal to the potential buyer.  This entire experience was the brainchild for "THE REAL VIEW an information session for women on the move.  This event has taken on a broader picture that will also appeal to independent women looking to buy or sell real estate.  This event is about women for women!  So sisters of the world, please join us at the Evergreen Cultural Centre on February 21, 2011 at 7 PM for this fun and informative evening! or phone 604-927-6555